Program Reflections

Thanks to Barkai, I became more professional. I improved my abilities and increased my involvement in communal issues. I feel more secure taking part in different areas and function in a more professional, organized and thoughtful way. 
-- Rav Yaakov

I was searching for professional tools that would help me in my rabbinic work and also the enriching interaction with other rabbis.
-- Rav Yoni
I received tools with which I was able to better deal with the difficulties and problems of others as well as to convey messages on a clearer, sharper way.
-- Rav Boaz
People often turn to me regarding personal and educational questions. Recently, a couple came to me and shared that doctors had told them that in all likelihood the fetus the wife carried would be seriously delayed. They weren’t asking halachically, rather they sought guidance in faith and coping. By the way - 2 weeks ago the baby was born -a girl- and so far she appears fine. 
-- Rav Yonatan
Barkai taught us how processes take place and how to foresee and deal correctly with problems even before they happen.
-- Rav Shlomo
Since Barkai’s training, I have greater self-confidence in dealing with issues regarding congregants’ personal life. If I don’t have the answer, I now know where to direct them. Issues such as a troubled marriage, lack of trust in a family, or illness.
-- Rav David
The program is worthy of praise. It is interesting and opens new horizons- not only regarding the personal situation of the rabbi, but also in its relevance to the community and society as a whole.
-- Rav Roey