For Community Development

How to Apply:

Applications will be accepted until May 31, 2018 and should be sent to In the topic line of the email please indicate the category.

Each application should include the name of the candidate or the community, a detailed description of why the candidate is worthy for the prize based on the criteria below, the names of 2 references including contact information and the name of contact person.

Rabbinic Achievement Award:

  • Has served as a synagogue community rabbi for at least 5 years
  • Ordained as a rabbi by the Chief Rabbinate of the State of Israel
  • Is regularly available to and in contact with his congregants
  • Teaches shiurim to a wide array of audiences
  • Works to make the synagogue accessible to all populations including the secular
  • Works to make the synagogue accessible to people with disabilities
  • Counsels and is available to congregants for personal issues and in times of crisis
  • A beloved person who inspires his community
  • A figure who unifies and instills peace in the community

Community Excellence Award:

  • Community has been in existence for a minimum of years
  • Synagogue employs a rabbi
  • Synagogue conducts Tefilla and Shiurim on Shabbat and during the week
  • Synagogue community engages in acts of chesed internally (births, mourning etc.)
  • Synagogue community engages in wider chesed activities
  • Synagogue actively opens its doors to all segments of the community and attempts to be inclusive in all its activities
  • Synagogue works to be accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities
  • Synagogue works to improve the larger community in which it is located

Distinguished Synagogue President/Gabbai Award

  • Has worked on behalf of the synagogue community for at least 5 years
  • Has developed synagogue community financially
  • Is beloved by his community and works in an inclusive and participatory manner
  • Has a unique story
  • Dedicates time to the synagogue on a weekly basis

Making Israel Better

The Barkai Center for Practical Rabbinics aims to improve the fabric of Israeli society by intensively training Israeli rabbis in all aspects of communal rabbinics so that they can lead their communities to a more meaningful connection with Judaism and act as a unifying force in Israeli society.


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