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Israel National News: What is the Rabbi's role when dealing with abuse?
Israel National News: What is the Rabbi's role when dealing with abuse?
Haaretz: Orthodox Jews Grapple With How to Talk About Sexual Assault, Domestic Abuse
Barkai Award for Outstanding Religious Figures in Israel.

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The Barkai rabbis recently completed "Gatekeepers" training provided by Bishvil Hachaim, an organization dedicated to preventing suicides in Israeli society and running support groups for the families of suicide victims. The painful topic of sui...
As part of their studies at the Barkai Center, the rabbis were recently instructed by the Mekimi Institute in responsible financial management and budgeting skills. Many times a rabbi assists families in financial distress. Usually this assistan...
The rabbis have received 80 hours of classroom instruction in chaplaincy and are currently doing their field work at hospitals, adult day care centers and old age homes around the country, as well as in their communities. Below, Rabbi Ro'i Levy, rabb...

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