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העצמה זוגית במרכז ברקאי

העצמה זוגית במרכז ברקאי
אנחנו כעת בעיצומו של יום גיבוש לרבני ברקאי ונשותיהם, שבו ניתנים לזוגות כלים להעצמה זוגית וניהול קונפליקטים. בהמשך לחומר התאורטי שנלמד בסדנה ע"י הרב עזריאל אריאל, יתנסו הזוגות בתרגילים זוגיים...
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The Myth Surrounding Suicide

The Barkai rabbis recently completed "Gatekeepers" training provided by Bishvil Hachaim, an organization dedicated to preventing suicides in Israeli society and running support groups for the families of suicide victims. ...
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Financial Management and Budgeting Skills

As part of their studies at the Barkai Center, the rabbis were recently instructed by the Mekimi Institute in responsible financial management and budgeting skills.  Many times a rabbi assists...
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The Lew Pell Chaplaincy Training Program

The rabbis have received 80 hours of classroom instruction in chaplaincy and are currently doing their field work at hospitals, adult day care centers and old age homes around the...
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Whose Synagogue is it Anyway?!

Young families or seniors? Men or women? Bachelors or marrieds? Inreach or outreach? Is there a place for children in the synagogue? A synagogue community is comprised of many different...
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Making Israel Better

The Barkai Center for Practical Rabbinics aims to improve the fabric of Israeli society by intensively training Israeli rabbis in all aspects of communal rabbinics so that they can lead their communities to a more meaningful connection with Judaism and act as a unifying force in Israeli society.


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