rh2013-drfalkThe Dr. Falk Schlesinger Institute for Medical-Halachic Research was founded in 1966 under the auspices of Shaare Zedek, imbuing the hospital's professional pursuits with the spirit of Torah. This was the philosophy of the hospital’s second director-general, after whom the Institute is named, and it remains the Institute’s guiding principle.

The Schlesinger Institute is dedicated to the halachic approach of medical ethics. Through the scholarship and expertise of leading rabbis, doctors and others, the Institute aims to research and resolve the halachic issues that emerge as medicine progresses, to consider their medical, halachic, legal and ethical ramifications, and to present practical responses.

The Institute will provide 3 full seminar days to the Barkai rabbis over the course of the coming year. The seminar days will focus on current issues in the medical-halachic community including organ transplants, and stem cell research. The Barkai rabbis will hear lectures from the top halachic and medical experts in the world.

In addition, the Barkai rabbis have begun to write halachic responses to medical ethics questions that are received by the Institute from around the world as part of its International Responsa Project. When a person, be it physician, patient or family member, faces a situation such as medical procedures raising ethical and moral dilemmas, or supposed contradiction with halacha, both practical and theoretical – advice from a reliable source is essential. The IRP was created to answer this need and offer this halachic support. Each Friday, 2-3 Barkai rabbis travel to the Institute's office at the Shaare Zedek Campus in Jerusalem and, guided by the Institute's staff of scholars, prepare halachic responses to the most recent questions received. The Institute is directed by the renowned Rabbi Mordechai Halperin, M.D. who is the editor of Assia (a journal of Halachic medical ethics), the co-editor of JME (Jewish Medical Ethics) and the Chief Officer of Medical Ethics at the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Rabbi Fine commented "Since a synagogue rabbi is often a first address for questions and dilemmas of this type we felt it crucial that the Barkai rabbis be thoroughly trained in this important aspect of Halacha."

אודות ברקאי

אנחנו במרכז ברקאי להכשרת רבנים ופיתוח קהילתי מאמינים שניתן לבנות את הקהילות בישראל אחרת. סביב מנהיגות קהילתית נכונה בראשות רב הקהילה נסייע לכם לגבש תכנית שתאפשר לקהילה שלכם לצמוח ולהפוך למוקד מקומי של סולידריות והתחדשות עבור כאלה שחובשים כיפה וגם עבור כאלה שאינם חובשים כיפה.

הרשמה לניוזלטר

לקבלת עדכונים על חדשות ואירועים ברקאי, הרשמו לניוזלטר

צור קשר

ת.ד 1652, מודיעין 71799 ישראל